paintings that rock  


Andreas Leikauf rocks... as a musician, no doubt, but with a brush in his hand... flat out. Akin to an awesome track, his paintings are raw yet perfectly structured, piercing the consciousness like a well-thought-out shot from the hip.
Leikauf also fishes - around, that is, in the trash heap of Americanized pop culture. There, he finds the scenes and characters that serve as his artistic ammunition, which he unloads on the viewer with rock-like intensity and drive. No frills, just right on target.
Best described as "reflexive art gone rock and roll," Leikauf's masterful style and imagery incites multi-dimensional reverberations, as he likes to amp up his scenes to a dark and fervent crescendo.
Though his work takes him down the highway of history, Leikauf prefers not to use the passing lane. Instead, he typically blends motifs from the 1950s with stylistic elements from the 60s, then infuses a shot of 80s spirit into the finished "loops" to place them smack dab in the 21 st century. It's past, present and future fused into one, with each taking the whole in a different direction.
In his loops, Leikauf retells cultural-industrial myths in a new light and against the grain, be they stories about loneliness, boredom, adaptation, commercialism or injustice, or about anger over the prevailing state of affairs, comical subversions, music or the revolt against whatever.  
Written slogans intersperse his paintings like guitar riffs, the kind you initially think you've heard far too often already, but that grow on you and then suddenly surprise you with their passionate presence and coarse directness. The message is simple and enigmatic at once:
The refrain never rhymes,
but there's more to the picture
than meets the eye.
Look. Listen.

Paintings that rock

karl baier

religious studies expert, yoga teacher, rock fan Vienna

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